July 10, 2018

The More Things Change…

The More Things Change...

This is our first newsletter in about six months, because Community Mortgage has been undergoing a lot of changes. Shortly after renaming the company and launching the new website, we had an opportunity to join a mortgage company while retaining our brand and separate identity.

  1. On the face of it, it looked like a perfect opportunity. The mortgage company seemed to have similar values and it would help reduce some of the overhead of running a mortgage brokerage. So, we joined them in January.

It took about two weeks to realize this was not going to work out well. As we looked at our values and how we fit within the company, it was clear why. We could not provide clients with the service and value the Community Mortgage way:

  1. “Local” Decision Making. As owners involved in the day-to-day of the business, we can make decisions quickly and stand behind our commitments to our clients. There is no need to go “up the chain” to get approval or resolve any issues.
  2. Provide the Best Alternatives. As a mortgage broker, the lenders we are working with are trying to earn our client’s business. So, we can shop the loan around and find the best alternative for our client. This can include the lowest rate, the fastest turnaround time, or flexibility for a specific financial situation.
  3. Move Quickly. The combination of the prior reasons above allow us to move much more quickly than mortgage companies and banks. We can make decisions quickly and work with lenders who are responsive to our clients’ needs. And moving quickly in real estate can be the difference between getting the home you want and not.

That is why we are an independent mortgage brokerage again. Sometimes we need change to make us realize what matters most to us. We look forward to serving clients again the way we know how.

If you have any questions about mortgages, pre-qualifying or anything else related to buying or refinancing a home, we are here to help. Call us today at (619) 692-3630 to schedule.

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