Thank you so much for all your hard work and help in getting us our first home

My fiance and I were looking into buying our first home and his sister referred us to Sean at Global Mortgage. We ended up working with Matt and Jamie who were awesome at explaining everything to us. They broke down numbers for us, explained how loans work, which ones might be the best fit for our situation, and answered any and all of our questions. They referred us to our Realtor who was absolutely amazing. As first time home buyers this was a big deal to us and we wanted to make sure that we were making the right decisions and understanding everything in its entirety. They made it easy for us to understand and they explained to us all of our options. When we found a place that we were interested in, we would just email Matt & Jamie and they would get right on it, calculating the numbers and then emailing us back with the breakdown. While in escrow we were assisted by Aryn and Sarah who are also amazing. Giving us weekly/daily updates on our status and showing us a timeline of what we have completed and what we have left to accomplish. They were both very responsive to our quesitons and gave us great resources. Literally, any question we had, we knew we could call on them to help us understand better, and they didn't mind at all. They were very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. We could not have asked for a better team. Just like my fiance's sister, we will be referring our friends and family to Global Mortgage and going back to them for future needs. Thank you so much Matt, Jamie, Aryn, and Sarah for all your hard work and help in getting us our first home :) -Alexis & Scott

- Alexis D.

Sean and his team are amazing!

Sean and his team are amazing! Global Mortgage took the time to discuss our finances from a broad perspective so we could better select a home based on a more sensible fiscally responsible approach.  This is something we had not experienced with the other mortgage companies  we had used in the past.      We highly recommend Global Mortgage as a smarter approach for your mortgage needs. 

- John W.

Thank you, Global Mortgage, for your professionalism, dedication and outstanding customer service!

Once again Global Mortgage has come through for us. Not only were they able to assist us in refinancing our condo last November 2016 to get a better interest rate; they were also able to get us approved for a new home, AND we were able to turn our condo into a rental property!! Global Mortgage has played a huge part in helping us plan for our future retirement. Matt, Aryn and Sarah worked together, as a team, to make our dream of owning a home come true. Thank you, Global Mortgage, for your professionalism, dedication and outstanding customer service!

- John W.

Awesome job guys, you just earned customers for life!

Sean and his team were super helpful for us when we were working with one of our employees on qualifying for her first real estate investment. Sean and Matt took the time to work with her even though she had never purchased a home before. The helped her develop her financial goals and guide her in the right direction so that she will be able to purchase a home sooner than she ever thought possible. It shows a lot about Sean and his team's character that they are willing to help the little guy! Awesome job guys, you just earned customers for life!

- Craig D.

Highly Recommended!

We have been lucky enough to work with Jamie from Global Mortgage twice, including the first time we ever bought our own home. For two people who had absolutely no idea what we were doing, Jamie really made everything a breeze both times. To be honest, Global Mortgage was the best part of both sales. I felt like I could always call Jamie or email him and get a quick and helpful response. I feel like everyone in the office goes above and beyond what they need to do to make sure you understand all your options and are in the loop. They email you weekly with the current loan status, and help you remember everything you need to sign or send back. Both Aryn and Sarah were extremely responsive. We will definitely use this company again if we need another mortgage. Highly Recommended!

- Kelly T.

Matt & Sarah made our experience rather painless

After opting to go with GLOBAL MORTGAGE to Refinance our home, we discovered that because we went with the HERO Program to install Solar Panels, a lot of Lenders choose not to underwrite a mortgage loan. This is primarily because HERO takes 1st-Lien position over the Lender, thru Property Taxes! Major Kudo's to Matt & Sarah for navigating us thru this mess with HERO, and pairing us up with a Lender that allowed us to payoff HERO and lower our Interest Rate in the process. This is our 1st-Time going thru a Mortgage Broker, as opposed to a Bank, and needless to say ... Matt & Sarah made our experience rather painless, with a cost-effective closing cost of $360. That's right, Three Hundred Sixty dollars! WOW!! If you're wondering why GLOBAL MORTGAGE has so many 5-Star Reviews? It's because they're on it, doggone it !!!

- Kerry H.

These guys are the best

Sean and Aryn have helped me with a couple of mortgage refis. They handled everything from beginning to end without missing a beat. Any problems that came up --- they were able to come up with effective and logical solutions, eliminating any stress from my side. These guys are the best. Global Mortgage is the place to go.

- Susan Gotz

I can not give a higher recommendation

Thanks to Sean and his capable team, my wife and I were able to do a refinance of our conventional mortgage and take advantage of the recent record low rates. However, don’t let the word “conventional” fool you, as our situation was anything but. Having just moved to sunny San Diego from Canada in the middle of 2011, we were able to accumulate only a short - albeit pristine - credit and employment history in the US. The only way we were able to secure a mortgage in the first place was through the home builder (and at a less than favourable interest rate I might add). All our subsequent attempts to refinance, through either the big banks, the local credit unions or by answering those unsolicited mortgage broker flyers telling me that “I have been pre-approved”, were all eventually met with “I am sorry, but you just don’t have enough history in the US”. Sean and his team were different. He told me that he expected there will be difficulties, but there were several options available and he will do his very best to find the best solution for us. Indeed Sean and his team did exactly that, and kept me informed throughout the entire process (which was key, as when one of the potential underwriter decided to drop out at the last moment, Cathy, a member of his capable team, immediately informed me of this unfortunate decision and cancelled the home appraisal that was scheduled for the very same day!). So Global Mortgage did what was deemed “impossible” by others, and we could not be happier. They have a customer in me for life, and I can not give a higher recommendation.

- Austin Chenv

I highly recommend them

Sean and Aryn were great to work with, including dealing with a last minute job change during closing......Yikes! After being passed on by a number of the larger lenders, Sean and Aryn were able to put a solution together that met our needs and more. I highly recommend them.

- Jon Ruth

Sean and Aryn handled what other highly respected "mortgage" firms could not!

Sean and Aryn handled what other highly respected "mortgage" firms could not! There were a lot of moving parts to my refinance and it was handled with what appeared to be relative ease.I was able to retain my home because of there determination to help me.Over and above the call of duty. The staff is top notch and they go far out of their way to ensure success.BRAVO!!!

- David Garitta

Sean Courtney and his staff as extremely hard working

I have had the pleasure of working with Global Mortgage for the last few years, and have come to know Sean Courtney and his staff as extremely hard working, professional, and very knowledgeable. Sean and his staff look out for their clients' best interests and strive to do the best job possible.

- Steve Spellerberg

I recommend anyone looking for a new mortgage or refinancing to contact them

I have been working with Sean since June of 2010 and I have sent him several clients to refinance their homes or to purchase a new home. As a Financial Adviser, I am always looking for ways for my clients to save money. He has been able to save several of my clients money on their mortgages and his knowledge and expertise have made the process of refinancing easy and headache free. One of my clients thanks me almost every time we have a review appointment for referring Sean and Global Mortgage. This client was so happy that he has referred a couple of his friends to Sean as well. Thank you Sean and Global Mortgage for taking care of my clients the way you have. I recommend anyone looking for a new mortgage or refinancing to contact them.

- Michael Gilbert

Global Mortgage is the best

I completed refinancing my home with Sean and Aryn's team at Global Mortgage a few months back. As business owners ourselves, we had found it difficult to qualify for a new loan, even though our income was fine and our credit was good. Sean understood the problems we had faced, and marched into the marketplace and found us a great loan, at a good interest rate, and fixed, too! I'm saving over $700 per month. Global Mortgage is the best.

- John Atkinson

The whole team is very knowledgeable

I refinanced twice with Global Mortgage. It was a great experience both times. The whole team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They made sure that I understood all of my options, and kept me informed during the entire process. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is considering a new home purchase or a refinance. They're my go to team for sure.

- Brent Winn

Sean is always acting in the best interest of the client

As a real estate professional we encounter a lot of home financing lenders, from large banks to independent brokers. The thing that makes Sean Courtney and the Global Mortgage team so wonderful, is that you get the service of a family owned business, with world class results that you would expect from the best in the industry! Sean is always acting in the best interest of the client, and is willing to take the time to develop a financing plan that sets the client up for long term success. If you are looking at your home financing options, I HIGHLY recommend that you contact Sean Courtney at Global Mortgage!

- Dave Werth

I highly recommend Sean and his staff

Sean and the folks at Global Mortgage were great. I referred one of my close friends to them and they went out of their way to walk her through the whole loan process. Spent a ton of time with her, answered all her questions, and made her feel very comfortable (and this even though her chances of buying a home were pretty small at the time). She now is on the path of getting her finances together and will definitely use them as her mortgage broker moving forward. I highly recommend Sean and his staff if you're looking for a new home, and I plan to continue to recommend them to my friends and family.

- John Svantner

We We have an amazing home thanks to this wonderful team!

As a new business owner I thought I was completely unable to qualify for a home loan because of my very limited tax history. I also showed nearly no income because of business expenses and as the owner I pay myself very little. The housing market decided to really jump in costs and although I wanted to wait it looked like I had a very narrow window before home prices would rise too high for me to be able to afford to make a purchase. The team at Global Mortgage managed to find me a program that only required one year of tax records as well as qualifying me for the amount I needed based on what I was able to show. Sean and Jamie on the front end made a miracle happen by qualifying me for the loan, but Aryn and Kathy did a ton of heavy lifting when procuring documents and processing our qualifications. Those poor women have to deal with the emotional roller coaster that us buyers go through and I do not envy their position. We have been in our home for several weeks and we can't thank Global Mortgage enough for what they did for us. We really didn't think it was possible, but we have an amazing home thanks to this wonderful team! P.S.-Thanks again Aryn for being such a sweetheart, you put us at ease more times than I can count!

- Josh Sola

Do yourself a favor and give Global Mortgage a call

As an attorney, I come in contact with banks, brokers and other lenders often for my clients, so I certainly can tell the difference in integrity and quality of service. I have seen first hand the headache, stress and difficulties that using other lenders have caused. Rest assured, Global Mortgage is head and shoulders above the rest. I recently recommended Global Mortgage to a coworker and the team was on it and within a couple days my colleague was pre-qualified and house hunting. I personally used Global Mortgage not once, but TWICE! I purchased my first home in 2012 and Sean and Aryn were amazing! My realtor was constantly telling me how impressed he was at their response time and ability to get the deal done without hassle. I always heard how purchasing a home was extremely stressful, but they made the financing the easiest part of the entire transaction. Then, about 8 months after I bought my house, I used them AGAIN for a streamline refi. They got my interest rate a whole percent lower and lower payments with almost no paperwork. I am considering refinancing again and will use them for a THIRD time. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my family, friends or anyone I know. Before you go to your bank, do yourself a favor and give Global Mortgage a call.

- Sandy Isaac

Sean Courtney is a fantastic consultant

My wife and I are in a fairly interesting and complicated position, whereby we are attempting to purchase a family member's house while not being qualified for a large enough mortgage, as I've recently started a new career. Although we are far from acquiring a mortgage, Sean Courtney has greatly aided us in our mortgage planning; aiding the estate of the family member, and presenting options that won't leave the estate in the cold, nor will they completely preclude my wife and I from purchasing the house! Does it sound complicated? Because it is! And that's why Sean Courtney is a fantastic consultant. Though he has absolutely no *current* financial stake in this transaction, he has devoted hours to walking us through our options, ensuring that all parties are financially secure with any decision we make, educating us the entire time. I would recommend Sean to anyone currently planning on buying a home, or even a year or two off from a home purchase.

- Andy Killion

I was impressed by the level of integrity and the excellent customer service!

I would just like to appreciate Global Mortgage for the excellent service they provided me in regards to a FHA loan approval. Sean Courtney is extremely professional and began with reviewing my credit score. He explained in detail what the numbers all meant and how I could improve my credit in order to get the best loan. Then, he spend a great amount of time asking questions and understanding everything about my specific situation. The whole experience was very personalized and I was impressed by the level of integrity and the excellent customer service! Thank you Global Mortgage!

- Cindy Sullivan

Thank you Global Mortgage!

My wife and I were having some problems financing our new home due to our income and Global Mortgage was able to not only help us finance our first house but helped us with advice on increasing our credit score. I appreciated the weekly updates and follow ups to make sure we knew what was going on the whole process. Like many home purchases we ran into a problem but they were able to take care of it in a timely matter helping us get into our house in time as scheduled. It is hard to find the level of service they provided. I really appreciate their help and would recommend their services to anyone. Thank you Global Mortgage!

- Daiju Yamaguchi

Global Mortgage is GREAT!

Global Mortgage is GREAT! My wife and I just recently purchased our first home and Sean and his team helped us every step of the way. They are incredibly patient, never pushy, always doing their absolute best to help. I had so many questions and concerns and they always made me feel well taken care of. They have an incredible team that really jumped into high-gear when we went into escrow. Highly recommend these guys!

- Scott Diehl

Every question I had was answered to the fullest and beyond

I appreciated Sean's knowledge. He didn't hesitate to share his own experience as a homebuyer and had a really great grasp on options...options I had never even considered. I also enjoyed the follow up with Jamie. Every question I had was answered to the fullest and beyond. Jamie did a really great job putting things into terms that my wife and I could both digest and carry with us when the time comes. It's really important for me to trust and connect with the people who are potentially handling such a monumental decision and global mortgage made me feel more like an old friend from high school than 'just another potential client'. That's what, I think, will stick with me the most.

- Maurice Strickland

I am very lucky to have a friend/realtor like jc aldana

I am very lucky to have a friend/realtor like jc aldana, who connected me to the group. everything was so fast and positive that i was impressed to see the results sooner than i expect. thank you guys for all your professionalism in handling my refinance ? ? ?

- Jose R.

I could not have asked for a better experience.

First time home buyer here and Matt, Aryn, and Sarah made the whole process completely smooth. The whole team runs like a well oiled machine, and the responsiveness to emails and phone calls can't be beat. I could not have asked for a better experience.

- Eric T.