San Diego Mortgage Brokers Vs San Diego Real Estate Agents

As a beginner in applying for mortgages, you may get confused in distinguishing between a mortgage broker and a real estate agent. More so, there’s a probability you get stuck in –between these two professionals in the home buying quest (everyone needs to make a profit). Truly, their work can be almost the same, however, they differ in many ways. Here’s a brief explanation on the duties of both the mortgage broker and the estate agent…

What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker is in charge of providing various is saddled with the responsibility of providing various home loan options and navigating your way through to them. They are trained and well-equipped with the knowledge of working on the fiduciary interest of a customer. Asides this, they can be useful in several other ways to like, down payment coaching, supplying information on property investment loans and answering all questions relating to mortgages. Further facts about San Diego, CA  can be found here.

Who is a Real Estate Agent?  

A real estate agent is in place to show you various houses during your mortgage application. They have direct access to home documents and sites. They are very familiar with the local markets – new areas and well-industrialized areas, etc. generally, the duty of a real estate agent is to help you buy or sell a property. Information about Reasons for Hiring a San Diego Mortgage Broker can be found here. 

Final Thoughts

A real estate agent is concerned with how to buy or sell a house/property, while the mortgage broker handles the financial aspect of the deal. However, there are individuals who combine the work of the two professions together. Just be sure you’re dealing with the right person!

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