April 9, 2014

Mortgage Company: Tips when Choosing One

If you will try to look for a mortgage company online, you will find out that there are a lot of them. In fact, as you browse the net, you will be seeing different advertisements already, showing appealing mortgage rates and other deals. Of the different mortgage companies available, you will find it hard to choose one. It is just normal if you will spend several hours to examine your choices, but if you want to save time, here are some tips that you can consider so that you can find the best mortgage company in no time.

Mortgage Company Reputation

The reputation of a certain company is an important factor to consider. To check the reputation of a certain company, check with the Chamber of Commerce along with other services. You can also ask your friends about the companies that they have worked with to know if those companies have good reputation. Moreover, when a company has a website, do not forget to visit it and check the comments and feedbacks of its past customers.

Customer Service

A mortgage company with a great reputation surely has a great customer service as well. Customer service is another important factor when choosing a mortgage company. When you have questions about their rates and payment plans, they should be happy to assist you and make sure that you understand everything. They should also be prepared to guide and help you from the application process until the minute that you were able to qualify for the loan. A company that offers great interest rates and payment plans is not a good option when their customer service is poor.

Good Faith Estimate

It is always good if you will get a Good Faith Estimate from different mortgage companies as this can greatly help you in choosing one. Mortgage companies are required by law to provide Good Faith Estimate (a detailed list of estimated rates, final closing costs and others) to their borrowers. Although the rates provided in the list are just estimates, you should be able to determine which company is offering the best deal.

Small vs. Large Mortgage Companies

It is your own choice if you will choose a small or large mortgage company. If you need personal service and you want face-to-face contact, then choosing a small lending company within your area is ideal. On the other hand, if you don’t have all the time to talk personally with the lender or to make your payments in person, then you can opt for a large company. Most large companies offer different payment methods like automatic mortgage deduction or online payment.

Getting a good mortgage is not always easy but you can lessen the hassle if you will choose a good company. You can consider the factors mentioned above or when you personally know a good lending company in your area, you can opt for it as well. Or, if you have problems choosing the right lender, simply contact us at (619) 692-3630 and we will help you find a lender offering the fairest rate and payment plan.

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