June 23, 2022

Know the Equity in Your Home

We’ve always been curious as to why most people don’t have a more accurate accounting of their real estate wealth. You frequently log in to your checking and savings accounts and look at those statements pretty closely each month. With that information, one typically knows if a given month’s number is accurate or not. That’s important! Yet, very few people know the equity in their home, and we understand why. 

It’s hard to get an accurate value of your home since every home valuation website has a different number. So making rough estimates is all you can pretty much do. Also, one doesn’t always look at one’s mortgage statements, so very few people know how much they actually owe on their house at any given time. So you think: “My home is worth around this much, and I owe around this much, so my equity is around this number.” That’s not okay. We believe it’s imperative to know not only an accurate accounting of the equity in your home, but more importantly, what you can and should do with it. That is why our clients absolutely love our monthly real estate wealth digest. Each month, you’ll get the most accurate accounting of your real estate wealth that’s available. AND it will change every month as the value changes and as your mortgage value decreases. 

Our monthly accounting review will also show you all the financial options and opportunities that you have each month, thus allowing you to be smart and empowered as a homeowner. Our clients have come to count on us to help them manage their real estate and their finances. We take that responsibility very seriously. Don’t go another month in the dark as a homeowner. Let us help! Schedule your FREE Mortgage Consultation by giving us a call at (619) 692-3630 or clicking here!

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