August 1, 2017

Community Spotlight: Keeping Our Families Healthy

Last week, I had the chance to talk with Dr. Stephanie Libs, who is a chiropractor and owner of Café of Life in Pacific Beach. She helps keep families healthy using chiropractic and other natural methods.

At Café of Life they focus on connecting with people and helping people lead healthy lives through natural means (wherever possible). While they provide care for anyone, their primary focus is on pediatric and pregnancy care.

The reason Dr. Steph focuses on pediatric care is due to her experience as a kid. Up to the age of twelve, she was always sick, on antibiotics and taking ibuprofen. After going to see a chiropractor and getting adjusted regularly, she was much healthier and has not been on any drugs since then.

Helping children and families means keeping moms healthy through pregnancy. Using chiropractic and other natural methods, they keep moms comfortable and gets the child in an optimal position which reduces labor time and stress on the baby.

Once the baby is born, Dr. Steph does gentle work on babies to help them relax after the trauma of birth. This helps with digestive issues, colic, sleep, and breast feeding.

To stay well during the summer, it is important to keep the immune system healthy. Dr. Steph recommends adjustments to boost the immune system. Other things you can do to boost the immune systems is use colloidal silver, which is available at Sprouts. Another remedy she likes to recommend is grapefruit seed extract. It is good at clearing out mucus and other junk that gets stuck in us.

The Café of Life does a lot of community outreach and education. Their Family Day Party is coming up on Saturday, Sept. 16th. Check out their Facebook page for more details. You can also learn more at or call them at 619-374-8444.

I hope you found this information valuable. Please let us know what you thought. We will continue to bring you valuable information from our community partners each month. Contact us today at (619) 692-3630 to learn more.

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